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We are committed to continuous improvement in quality and the assessment of the quality system, by researching and developing our own manufacturing processes and quality control systems so we can exceed certifications and customer expectations.  

Our procedures include:

   Inspection of incoming material and components to assure compliance with specifications and quantity

   Employee involvement and accountability through sign off on individual work and feedback from quality inspections

   Comprehensive reporting and tracking of deficiencies and the consequent corrective actions

   Closed loop-reporting and documentation process facilitates root cause identification allowing process and design adjustments to be made with our full time Quality Technical Support and Design team.

   Supervisory continuous monitoring of quality being produced

   In-process inspection and testing as needed and 100% inspection and testing of all products


  E  N  G  I  N  E  E  R  E  D    


        R  E  L  I  A  B  I  L  I  T  Y



Quality Assurance


Innovation Plus Power Systems Inc. has a strong commitment to a total quality assurance program with the ultimate goal being to provide our valued customers with products and services that will meet or exceed their individual specifications or requirements.


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