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As major manufacturers of industrial power electronic systems have ceased production on many replacement components that are fundamental to the sustainability of older systems.  Costly and impractical redesign of systems can be avoided by extending the life of these legacy parts. 


Innovation Plus Power Systems in many cases can provide manufactured drop-in replacement parts for many of these hard-to-find components.  With our in-house engineering capability, coupled with a modern manufacturing facility, enables our team of engineers to design and manufacture replacement parts for virtually any power conversion and control application in record time.


Alternatively, we frequently offer upgraded versions of obsoleted components, for those cases where the performance of the original devices left something to be desired. Parameters can usually be optimized to dramatically improve the productivity, reliability and efficiency of your equipment and increase the competitiveness and overall profitability of your plant.

Manufactured Replacements for Obsolete Components


Why choose Innovation Plus Power Systems?

• Substantial bottom line savings compared to dealing with OEM

• Reduction of maintenance and down time costs

• Safer, more efficient system solutions

• Dealing with specialists that can support any vintage or make of rectifier system.

• Upgrades allows longer equipment use and increased reliability

• Reduce down time by looking at things at a system level not a component level.


SCR/Heatsink Assemblies

Diode Assembly

with Fuses & Snubber Board

Bar & Box Clamps

Fuse Assemblies

Blown Fuse Indicator Wheel


GTO/Diode Modules


Other Assemblies

SCR / Heatsink Assemblies



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