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We specialize in the improvement of existing equipment with the objective of increasing its lifespan and maximizing your investment. Over the years with our considerable manufacturing capabilities and power engineering expertise, we are able to provide upgrades to systems better than anyone else.


As part of your major power electronic business investment, we don’t simply reverse-engineer your old system, we provide a better than original system that incorporates the latest products, design and manufacturing standards.    We ensure results to our clients by providing quality products and solutions that dramatically improve the productivity, reliability and efficiency of their equipment, increase the competitiveness and overall profitability of their plants and reduce down time.



Why choose Innovation Plus Power Systems?


• Substantial bottom line savings compared to dealing with OEM 


• Reduction of maintenance and down time costs


• Safer, more efficient system solutions 


• Dealing with specialists that can support any vintage or make of rectifier system. 


• Upgrades allows longer equipment use and increased reliability 


• Reduce down time by looking at things at a system level not a component level.

System Upgrades

  E  N  G  I  N  E  E  R  E  D    


        R  E  L  I  A  B  I  L  I  T  Y




Since its inception in 1992, Innovation Plus Power Systems has been providing power rectifier system upgrades originating from recognized as well as lesser known manufacturers such as:





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