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Innovation Plus Power Systems understands that many customers are highly self-reliant for their service and support needs, only requiring occasional training and support.  Our training enables customers and partners to more effectively manage and support their industrial power electronic needs.


We offer on-site and classroom training programs on practical learning objectives that are relevant to specific industrial power electronic technologies and can also be tailored to requirements while focusing on the unique needs of your business.


Our training course allows maximum maintenance at a professional level, that means full control and understanding of your industrial conversion equipment and where reduction of maintenance costs can be gained. Our training courses will give your team all the practical and theoretical knowledge and tests used daily by the most specialized service companies.  Your maintenance staff can reach full confidence and independence managing their  systems, preserving or improving the reliability, working safely using recommended tools, instruments and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

On-Site/Off-Site Training


Current Courses Available:








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Rectifier Course

Level 1

2 Days




Level 3

4-5 Days



Onsite & Offsite




Rectifier Course

Level 2

3-4 Days


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