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Prototyping & Engineered Solutions


Innovation Plus Power Systems has the knowledge, experience and resources to design and prototype the simplest or most complex industrial power control products that will meet and exceed your most challenging requirements. 

Our custom design and manufacturing process starts with our in-house engineering staff, all of which have extensive experience in power control and conversion applications. Our design team is equipped with superior computer assisted design software and analysis tools and works integrally with our customers to prepare custom products for prototyping and manufacturing.

During the development process when changes are easier and less costly to implement, our engineers examine the prototype bills of materials to identify long-lead components so the design engineers can find alternate parts and shorten build cycles.

Our modern facilities host production projects from large OEM runs to small lots for special applications and allow us to offer unparalleled flexibility in bringing customer requirements to realization.

Why choose Innovation Plus Power Systems?

• Substantial bottom line savings compared to dealing with OEM

• Reduction of maintenance and down time costs

• Safer, more efficient system solutions

• Dealing with specialists that can support any vintage or make of rectifier system.

• Upgrades allows longer equipment use and increased reliability

• Reduce down time by looking at things at a system level not a component level.


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